Next year, Missouri Southern will be celebrating our 75th anniversary. We need your help in commemorating the 75 things that have made us who we are ... Missouri Southern Lions. 

Here's what we're looking for: We want to identify 75 people, games, events, facilities, and more that have shaped and defined MSSU Athletics over the past 75 years. 

You think the Mutt-Burger is deserving of being in the top 75? How about Rod Smith's catch vs. Pitt in '93? Is Young Gym worthy of the top 75? Does Eddin Santiago make your list? How about coaches like Warren Turner or legends like Don Gross and Wendell Redden? 

Here's the point ... It's all fair game. Whatever you feel has helped make MSSU Athletics what it is today, that's what or whom you should nominate. And you can nominate more than one. So help us celebrate 75 years of Green and Gold. 

Name of person nominating 

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Phone Number 

Years attended MSSU, MSSC or Joplin Juco and graduating year (if applicable) 

Person, event, team, game, facility ... whatever youfeel is worthy of nominating. (Please provide supporting explanation, as well)

Please click the submit button below to finish the process. Thank you and go Green and Gold!