2013 Missouri Southern Cheer and Dance Tryouts

Missouri Southern will hold tryouts for Spirit Squads consisting of MOSO Cheerleaders, and Southern Gold Dance Team beginning May 3rd with a clinic, and concluding the 4th with final cuts. We invite all interested entering, or current students to try out.

Interested? Download the Tryout Packet_2013-2014 and participate in open gym sessions with current squad members Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning April 9th. For more information please refer to the packet. Prospects will not be allowed to participate at open gym sessions without completing the proper forms. Please review your information for completeness and accuracy. 
Things to remember:
  • Open gym sessions are for your benefit. It is a time to refine skills, and building relationships with squad members and coaching staff. Attendance is not required, nor does it ensure your success or a place on the squad. Commitment is a big part of our success. 
  • Open gyms are a place to work on skills. Attempting skills that are beyond an athletes ability are not encouraged. Throw what you know!
  • Be prepared to co-ed and group stunt. Athlete versatility is vital to the success of our program, and will be considered by coaching staff during final cuts. 
  • Flyers should stunt with different partners for experience, and to gain a comfort with more than one partner. Furthermore, not everyone will follow through with tryouts. Preparation is important to your success. 
  • Conditioning is the foundation to our squad's strength, and your success as an athlete. Enhance your conditioning is on point! Be in the best shape of your life!
  • During tryouts ladies should wear a sports bra, athletic shorts or spandex, athletic shoes, and your hair should be pulled back out of your face.  All jewelry should be removed prior to entering the gym including spacers and/or gauges. 
  • Men should wear a T-shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes.