Missouri Southern Lionbackers Frequently Asked Questions


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Why is it still so important to generate more money from Lionbackers?

In past years, all money generated by the MSSU Athletics Department through Lionbacker memberships, ticket sales and corporate sponsorships went back to the University’s general fund.  At the same time, the athletics department’s operating budget was funded entirely by the school.  That arrangement worked fine as long as the operating budget covered the basic needs of the department.  However, costs associated with running our programs have increased while our budgets have been cut or have remained stagnant.  To help us “fund our own success”, we now have an arrangement whereby we must still meet a minimum dollar amount which goes back to the University’s general fund, but any dollars generated over and above that amount is kept by the athletics department. 


Is my money really going to benefit MSSU Athletics?

The MSSU Athletics Department will be allowed to keep any money generated through Lionbacker memberships, corporate sponsorships and ticket sales after the minimum financial obligation to the University is met.  So yes, your money will be benefiting our programs and therefore our student-athletes.


What is the process for joining the Lionbackers?

First you should look at the various levels of membership to see what cost and benefits are associated with each level.  When you’ve decided at what level you would like to join, you then decide on which season ticket packages you would like.  Add up the Lionbacker Booster Club membership fee and the cost of the season tickets to get your new total investment.


Are there tax benefits with my membership?

Yes.  When you join at any Lionbacker level, you will receive a charitable gift receipt in an amount close to 80% of your investment minus the retail cost of any tangible benefits, such as polo shirts or sweatshirts. The cost of your subsequent season tickets purchase is not tax-deductible.


Money is tight!  Can I still get season tickets if I’m not a Lionbacker?

Yes.  We realize that finances are tight for many people.  Therefore we want to make sure to give our fans an option whereby they still get tickets to the games without having to pay additional money.  So, for $390 you can still get two reserved seat football and basketball season tickets.  Those seats, however, will not be in the Lionbacker designated sections and will not include Lionbacker parking or other booster club membership benefits and privileges. 


At what level do I have to join to keep my Lionbacker Lot parking privileges?

This seems to be our most commonly asked question as people want to get to the bottom line.  The quick answer is you will need to join the Lionbackers at the Team Captain, or $300 level.  The Team Captain Lionbacker level is the lowest-priced membership level that includes Lionbacker Lot parking.  You will then purchase your season tickets in addition to the Lionbacker membership.  Please see the “Membership Level Benefits” link at the top of the page for a detailed account of the benefits of each Booster Club level.


What is the minimum amount I will have to spend to keep my season tickets in the Lionbacker-designated section?

Our lowest-priced Lionbacker level is $100 and membership at that level will allow you to purchase season tickets in the Lionbacker sections.  This Starting Lineup level does not include Lionbacker parking, or any Lionbacker apparel. 


I’m willing to pay for my Lionbacker membership, but what has been done to ensure there is adequate parking for Lionbackers and to protect the integrity of the Lionbacker seating sections?

When people pay more money for something, their expectations rise.  We certainly realize the importance of this question and we have made a commitment to making sure we address these concerns. 


First we’ll address parking:  In football, Lot 17 immediately in front of the stadium and the parking lot associated with the Health Sciences Building will be designated as Lionbacker Lots.  There are approximately 189 spaces in the two lots combined.  If these lots were to fill up, Lionbackers would also be allowed to park in the north grassy lot.  In basketball, the top parking level behind Leggett & Platt (Lot 10) and the front row of Lot 11 have been designated as Lionbacker lots.  The lots associated with the new Health Sciences Building (Lots 14 & 15) have been designated as Priority Lionbacker Lot parking.  These areas will be monitored up until game time.  Security will stop any vehicle not displaying a Lionbacker parking pass (these passes will again be laminated to prevent damage throughout the year).  Vehicles without these passes will not be allowed to park in Lionbacker lots (some limited exceptions will apply).  In the event that a basketball game takes place on a weeknight with school in session, the lots will be closed to student parking beginning at 3pm.  While cars already parked there will be allowed to stay, no new non-Lionbacker vehicles will be allowed in.   


Regarding the seating sections, we realize that if someone pays good money to sit in a booster club section, they don’t want their investment devalued.  We also realize that is exactly what happens when any person who happens to get in to the arena is allowed to sit anywhere they want.  That is why we hired additional personnel to monitor the entrances to Section B in football and to monitor the edges of the Lionbacker seating in basketball.  Our goal will be to make sure that those who have purchased a reserved seat ticket are allowed to sit in reserved seats, while those who purchase general admission tickets are seated in the G.A. section.  It is also important that if you, as a paying Lionbacker member, notice someone sitting in a Lionbacker section who is not a booster club member, you let an usher know. Don’t worry! You will not be involved in any aspect beyond that.


Where are the Lionbacker-only seating sections and will I have to have my seats in these sections?

At MSSU Football games, the Lionbacker section is Section B (the center section).  At MSSU Basketball, the Lionbacker sections include the center sections on both sides of the floor (Sections C and H) and the section immediately behind the Lions team bench (Section B).  Only Lionbackers who have purchased season tickets will be able to sit in those sections.  However, if you are a Lionbacker at any level, you do NOT necessarily have to have your seats in those sections.  Lionbackers will be able to purchase their season tickets in any section they choose.


Is there a payment plan available to make things easier on my budget?

Yes.  Payment plans will be billed monthly through the month of December and will require a credit card.  We will ask for a major credit card number to keep on file.  We will bill your credit card at the first of each month beginning with the month you joined through the month of December.  For example, if you join in July at the $300 level and purchase $390 in season tickets, we will bill you credit card six equal installments until we get to your total of $690.  All sales must be final before January so we can prepare the proper charitable gift receipts for your taxes.


I have some buddies of mine who want to “go in together” to combine to get to a higher Lionbacker level.  Can we do that?

Yes.  However, if you share your membership with other alumni or friends, only one individual from the group will be recognized as the contact person.  Only the contact person will receive the membership benefits noted.  For example, if four couples wanted to combine to reach the All-American level of $1,200, all four couples could get tickets and a parking pass.  However, only the contact person would receive these benefits: listing in the game program, tax receipt, Lionbacker apparel, presidential tent access at football, etc.


I notice that different Lionbacker levels allow more season tickets to be purchased.  Do these include additional children’s tickets that I want to buy?

No.  For example, joining the All-Conference level allows four season tickets to be purchased.  If you buy those four, plus want to buy two additional children’s tickets, you can do that and all of those seats can be together in the Lionbacker section.  


In the past I’ve been able to purchase a child’s ticket next to my seats.  Can I still do that?

Yes.  If you are a Lionbacker and have also purchased season tickets, you can buy a season ticket for a child ages 5 through High School for $20 in football, $45 in basketball, or $55 for both.  As a special bonus, with the purchase of any kids season ticket, you will receive a free membership in the Applebee’s Cub Club (available for kids 12 and under only).  You must email names and shirt sizes of any and all children to activate the Cub Club membership.  Email to mata-k@mssu.edu.    


I’m really interested in only football OR basketball season tickets.  Can I pick which season tickets I want instead of purchasing a combo ticket to both?

Yes.  Once you join a particular level of the Lionbacker Booster Club, you will then be able to purchase season tickets.  You can choose from a football-only or basketball-only package, or you can purchase a package that includes both.  To see the season ticket pricing structure, click on the link at the top of this page.


There have been discounts offered to members of the MSSU Alumni Association and to Senior Citizens in the past.  Will those be available again?

There are no discounts available for Lionbacker memberships, but there are discounts for the season tickets.  Members of the MSSU Alumni Association and Senior Citizens ages 60 and up can take 10% off of any season ticket package (football, basketball or combination package).  These discounts do apply to your entire season ticket package purchase.  For example, if you are a senior citizen purchasing two adult season tickets plus two children’s season tickets, the discount would apply to the entire package.


When can I join or renew my membership in the Lionbackers?

Our annual campaign begins on April 22nd, 2014. You will receive a mailing which will contain the membership brochure before the start of the campaign.  The membership drive will end on May 30th and the Early Bird Campaign will end on the same day but you can sign up at any point between now and the start of next school year.