As you can imagine, we are very busy gearing up for Missouri Southern Baseball in 2014. Our ultimate goal is to give our student-athletes the best possible collegiate experience they can have. We want them to carry themselves with pride. We want them to present themselves in a first-class manner, and we want to always uphold the tradition of success that Southern Baseball has established over the years.

While preparing for the 2014 season, there are certain areas that have to be addressed immediately if we want to run the type of quality program that you can be proud of. These are areas that I feel are very important to our program, but they are areas that can't be addressed without help from you, our "Friends of Southern Baseball."

We have introduced a club comprised of former Southern Baseball players, fans, parents and other friends who want to see this program succeed. We call this venture the "Dugout Club," and want you to be a part of it. Membership levels are detailed below, and members will be recognized on our website and on a "Dugout Club" sign at all home games.

Less than $25
Team Player

Singles Club
Doubles Club
Triples Club
Home Run Club
Grand Slam Club
Gold Member
$1,000 +
Platinum Member
June Marie Cayot  Betty Jo Barnett  Kirk Sibley  Mike & Karen Harper  Rick & Roberta White  Dr. Mike Lawson   Bob & Linda Oldt 
Robert E. Quinn Ronnie & Marry Jane Miller Jane Lawrence Park Lynwood & Arthurine Lupo Tradewise, LLC David Johnson    Doug & Karla Darnell 
Bobbie Scott & Ramona Ewing Wilhelmina Gunther Theresa Dederer Lyndon Denis Smith Louis & Murray Evans Becky & Doug Goostree  Roy & Jeanne Peterson     
Brent & Elizabeth Biggs HR Harper GJ alacios Leeann C Hicklin Erwin Thimm       
Adam & Deann Pittman  Jim Alexander Aricraft Sales Janice Charles  Joyce Phillips  Jeremy & Jennifer White       
Jona Huffman  Allen & Jennifer Ryan RB & JB Michael  Julie & Larry Cood        
  Ronald & Sharon Warren Robert Gilmore  Marilyn Hicklin         
  Turn Key Construction INC. William & Robert Richard  Jerry Medlin         
  Gary & Niommi Harper George & Janet Harvey  Christel Thimm         
  William Beck Matt Pruitt  John Hensley         
  Betty & David Himmerich Peggy McKibben  Katrina Guaderrama         
  Michael & Lou Scott Jane Warren  Gary Whiteis         
  Steven Vaughn Jennifer Hawes  Dan and Sarah Jo Goostree          
  Dirksen Stephanie Mann           
  Virginia Bland Troy Garretson           
  Porter & Lola Harryman            
  James Hoy            
  John Lee Guaderrama            
  Christie Hutcheson