Week #3 FB Press Conference Transcript

Head Coach Daryl Daye:

On how he is keeping the team focused after a 2-0 start:

“We are not trying to do a lot of talking. We are trying to be realists and understand that this program has only had one winning season in the past 16 seasons. We’re here to improve that. It’s one step at a time, one rock at a time, one day at a time. We are two plays away from being 0-2 and then we are having a different press conference here today. We got to understand we got to focus on our jobs and we are not overlooking anybody. We got to do our job as coaches, get our hard hats on and go to work everyday and get better.  That is what we are focused on right now. What are the things we did not do well in the first two ballgames, how do we minimize the mistakes, the turnovers, the penalties, and improve our tackling. We got a lot of work to do. We are far, far away from people talking about us undefeated season, or championships, or anything, I do not need to hear any of that.  All we need to hear is put your hard hat on, go to work, get better, focus on your job at hand and never underestimate the enemy, ever.”

On second-half defense:

“The other team did a pretty good job of moving the football. They are a good football team. They did not go away. They stayed and battled and executed.  It is a process. Again you go back; we got 70 plus guys in here who are learning a new system. It just does not happen overnight. We are trying to eliminate the mistakes that we made in the second half and we got to finish ballgames, win the fourth quarter and finish out. We can’t fade away.  Big turnover there at the end of the game that got us in position for a chance to win. We give up a cheap one, but give them credit, they did not go away, they played hard and they are a very good offensive football team, so we just got to keep working on what we do.”

Surprised by how few ball-handling errors there have been with the triple-option offense:

“(Knocks on wood) It’s a lot of work; give those guys credit. Our offensive coaches have worked on it. We work on it everyday and it is something we will continue to do, but surprise, no, very happy. You got two good quarterbacks who get in there and they are controlling the flow of the game and they are doing a good job with it.”

On how much he knows about his passing game:

“I know we can throw it when we have to throw it. It’s a situation where we are going to establish and do what we do and are going to shorten the game. It has been the right move two weeks in a row, so if we can continue to do that, that’s what we are going to do. We’re not here to say we look for this many yards, or completion ratio or trying to get anybody big numbers.  We are here to win and we are going to do what it takes to win and what we feel is best for our football program to win as well.”

Confidence in the passing game:

“Oh, absolutely!”

On how the offense adjusts to opposing defense’s seeing more tape on them:

“You just have to do what you do best and get the ball to your most productive players. This is an offense where it spreads the ball around a lot and is a very team-oriented offense, so basically each week you may think it is a new offense or new offensive system, but we are going to take what the defense gives us, but it is the same foundation each week of what we do and that is running the triple option, make people play assignment football. What we have to do is a better job with our cut blocks, everything in our offense hinges on our ability to get people on the ground. It is something that we are working on real hard.”

On how they can improve chop blocking without injuring their own teammates:

“We have a lot of bags that we chop, a lot of drills that we work on, but most of the time it is an effort thing. It’s a technique, but we are getting better at it. Hopefully as the season goes along, we will be able to get more people on the ground, slow defenses down and be more productive”

Thoughts on Lincoln:

“They are a young football team. That’s the thing about them that people do not realize about them. He’s (Coach Mike Jones) got a lot of guys who are transfers, he is a new coach, he has got a new system.  They are going to come out and like we say there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal, they are going to come out swinging. We are expecting their best A game. That is what we are preparing for. Mike Jones is a good guy, a good football coach, congratulations to him on going into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, that is a big thing for him. He will have his guys ready to play, got a lot of athletes. They are getting better each week and I know they are anxious to get us there at home and they play pretty good at home so we are expecting a fourth quarter battle again.”


Senior defensive tackle Jonathan Rogers

On how the defense has played in the first two games:

“We are doing well. We are hitting everything on all cylinders at the beginning of the game; second half I think we slack off just a little bit.  I think that is the reason why we gave up two scores at the end, but I think if we keep playing sound ball and keep getting better each and every week, we can progress through anything.”

On why they are giving up some leads in the second half:

“I do not think it a fatigue thing. It is more of a mental thing.  I think we see that we are on top, so maybe we should not have to do as much, but if we keep doing more than what we did in the first half, we can prevail through anything.”

What he sees from the Lincoln offense:

“Spread offense, they are a good cast, a lot of fast players on the outside, their offensive line is pretty good as well. A lot of young players over, so they are trying to figure out themselves, just like we are on our side, so this game is going to be a pretty good game to see who has got what and who can make plays on offense and defense.”

On preparing for the spread:

“We actually get a great look from our third string, scout-team, and a lot of them have played offensive line in high school or junior college, so they give us a great look on how the spread should look and some of them actually ran the spread, so we have no problems on that end at all.”

On excitement around campus:

“You would think there would be excitement, but there really is not. They are saying there two wins came against easy teams and we still are not doing very much, but I feel like we each week as we get better and play harder teams, they will see what the MOSO Lions are really about. I can’t wait to be able to prove that to them.

Renewed focused on finishing:

“I know last year we never really finished in the fourth quarter, so that’s something we actually worked on in minicamp and during the season. We are talking about finish, finish, finish. We are trying to get better at finishing no matter what the outcome may be. Make sure you finish, make sure you get that W, no matter how ugly it may be.”


Senior slot back Bryant Venson

Experience with the triple option before this year:

“I have not. When I was in high school, we ran the double wing, so it is kind of similar to me, kind of not, has not been really hard to learn, it is just a little different from normal offense, from spread to triple option.  Once you understand it, any play could be a big play, from slot back to fullback to quarterback. It is so unpredictable, that is why our offense is so deadly and lethal, on top of our chop blocks. I think our offense can be very productive.”

Surprised by lack of turnovers:

“I am not surprised because we work real hard on that and part of that comes from our athletic edge that we have at every position and we do not appreciate the ball dropping and the concentration that we have because we know this offense is based on concentration, being able to take the pitch as you are going and fighting defenders as they flow.”

On progress of the offensive line:

“During spring ball and before we started school, you were a little unsure just because we had lineman going down and it was always switching and rotating, but all of our offensive lineman have heart, all are team players, they all love the game, so if you were to ask one of them to stand aside to let another guy get in, they would be more than willing to help. Every week they get better, they get better at their job and their responsibilities, which makes us as a running back more confident.”

On competition for touches:

“We have about five of us, but the thing about that is that we are all team players and having team players is great team chemistry. Having a me-player defeats the team chemistry you have in position groups, so I think as a running back group, I think we are very tight-knit group. We stay together, we help each other, and we criticize each other, just to help make us better. We all bring something different to the team so that is what is going to help us in the long run.”

On how hard it is to get in a groove when splitting carries in a game:

“I mean it is tough just because as a player you always want to stay in the game and help your team, you want to feel like you are doing something, but you can do just as much in the game as you can on the sidelines, cheering and getting the team revved up. You just have to go in when your number is called and that is all you can do, go out there and make the most of your carries and that is all you can do and go out there and produce, because if you are not, you know that your counterpart is and that he is going to make a play for you.”

On what seeing positive results does to team confidence:

“It brings it up. You know we are a confident group, our hard work pays off, we worked really hard, and those two wins were good quality wins.  It is good that we have them and we did not give up in the fourth quarter, we fought back and stayed with it, and our confidence as a team is great.

On overcoming skeptics of 2-0 start:

“You are always going to have those that doubt, but a win is a win no matter how you get it, whether it is a good team or a bad team, winning the game just shows that you have the upper hand. There are always going to be those people that down you, but it is not our job to prove them wrong, our job is to go out and play ball for Missouri Southern, so if people want to jump on the bandwagon, they are more than welcome to, but we pay attention to much, we just go out and play ball.