Week #5 FB Press Conference Transcript

Head Coach Daryl Daye:

On noticing a difference in practice coming off first loss:

“We just got back out to work on Tuesday and put our hard hats back on and went back to work. There was still a feeling of a little discouragement, you could feel it there, even with the coaches as well you could feel it, but you just got to put it behind you. We are 3-1, excited to be there. We got an opportunity to play a team that is a top 25 team in the country and show them that we are a better football team than the one that showed up last week.”

On if he could pinpoint reason for loss on Saturday:

“I think it is pretty simple overall once we evaluated it and took a good look. We are not a first-and-fifteen offense; we are a second-and-five offense. We cannot put ourselves behind the chains and put ourselves in positions where we have to dig ourselves out of a hole, so that was a critical part of the game that was costly for us was being behind the chains because of penalties and things that happened out there that we could have done a better job of controlling. Defensively we just can’t give up the big play. You hold a team to 16 points in a game, it does not really matter who it is nowadays, you have done a pretty good job defensively. We have to improve, and we have to take our game to another level. This team (Central Missouri) will be the best team that we have played yet, and our game has to rise. We can’t play down to the opponent, we got to raise the level of our play each week.”

On if defenses are taking away parts of the option attack:

“They did a good job the other night in taking some things away, and it took us a little bit to establish the fullback. There were some positives in there that we made some good plays and got some drives going, but it just seemed like every time we got going the other night, we seemed to shot ourselves in the foot and put ourselves behind the chains. We to as an offense, about half of our package is in and we are feeling now as an offensive staff that we can expand a little more and they are catching onto the offense a little more. It was just a couple months ago that Kellen was a wide receiver and now he is at quarterback and doing a nice job and Kyle, being a shotgun package guy, we have had to adapt what we can do with our quarterbacks and each week as they get better, we can expand what we do.”

On if he will hold the offense back as the schedule gets tougher:

“It’s just do what our guys do best. Who are we going to feature? You want to always try to get the ball to your best players and then what can they handle? It’s a new team, we have of course 70 plus new players show up in August. It is a process and it is hard to be patient. We want it right now, everybody does, put my finger on the fast forward button and get it moving, but we are not there, and we just have to understand it is one step at a time and it is a process. Hopefully we will be able to continue to get better and our offensive package will grow and our defensive package will as well and special teams.”

On how to get the ball to WR Landon Zerkel:

“We’re trying. There were a couple time when they knocked it down, they doubled covered him some, but you know he is an outstanding player and we have to find ways to get him the ball to him more. That catch he made on the sideline was as top notch of a catch as you will see a receiver make, so without a doubt, we will do our best to get him the ball more.

On CMU’s offensive passing attack:

“Well it is long handoffs a lot too, is what we call it and they are going to take what you give them underneath. They are going to throw the ball and then they are going to take their shots deep. They have a excellent running game as well, it is just their quarterback is very good and they have a big physical offensive lineman and they run the ball when they need to and they use a tight end very well, but a lot of things that they do well is they get the ball out. The quarterback doesn’t hold the ball , he gets it out, he has got a very good release and he will take what you give him. If you give him the flat, he will take it, underneath, he’ll take it. In a sense that is a long handoff, that is what we call it. He’ll take that three, five yards that you give to him and if you get a little undisciplined, he will go over the top of you.  A good offensive football team.”

On eliminating penalties and getting level of discipline back:

“That is just rep after rep. Repetition is the mother of all learning. We have to continually line-up correctly. There were situations in the game where they were calling illegal chop blocks off the slot and running backs. That is based off of a lineman. He has to have a piece of the tackle in his alignment. A young freshman goes in the game and lines up incorrectly and gets cut black and get a penalty. We just have to continue to teach them that you have to have to have proper alignment when you start to give you the ability to cut block back inside and a couple of those alignments were poor on our part and that got us penalties and got us in the hole.”

On what the offense has to do to open things up and make sure they are not behind the chains:

“You are going to have to come to Central Missouri and we are going to show you there. Not so much as opening it up as it is there are certain things that we are going to start adding to that may help us in situations where they lineup in certain ways that are not available to go to and now we are seeing ways people are starting to defend us is an unknown each week and by adding these certain schemes each week, it should give us some more productivity.”



On takeaway from game:

“Bottom line is, and we talked about it the first of the season, we want to give ourselves the opportunity to win the game in the fourth quarter. All four games that we played, we had a chance to win the ballgame in the fourth quarter. We got it three times, we did not the other night. What do we learn from it, how do we improve from it, and what does it do for us as a team.”

On emphasis on defensive line play:

“We have to have that pressure from them. We will rush four a lot and we feel that we got four guys who will pressure you some and that will help you a lot. If you can rush four and play some bracket defenses and umbrella defenses and keep the thing in front of you, allow them to throw the football underneath. We feel like we have the ability to come out and knock the ball out and the mentality of what you are able to do with four man pressures. We just have to do a better job of tackling and making guy’s line up again. We cannot give them the homerun and we have given some homerun in the last few weeks that could cost you the ballgame and we got to minimize those.”


Junior safety Demon Haire

On how much SBU’s passing offense prepared the secondary for CMU:

“Every week is a good week to come out and work hard in practice and knowing what you are about to get yourself into on a Saturday evening and preparing for each team we go into.”

On what he is doing individually to get himself ready for CMU’s passing attack:

“Everything that the coach is going to ask me to do as a defense and help the defense out and the people that surround me, mainly do your job first and everything else will fall into place.”

On his name, Demon, and the thought that he name is Demon:

“It’s funny, in class, the first couple of days there is roll call and teachers call me Demon, but after a few days, they get it down and they ask me if I am really a demon, but I a good person, it is nothing really.”

On comfort with other safety Demond Horsely plays out on the field:

“If I don’t understand something, he can give me a better understanding of it. I know I have a lot of questions throughout the week and he will just straighten me out before gametime comes and we will get that down.”

On adjustment to having a family:

“It is a job. Whenever defensive coordinator Coach Thomas says we come to work, we put that gun belt on, whenever we leave take it off until we ready to go back to work, so it is really responsibility you got to be ready to take care of.”

Senior wide receiver Michael Nelson

On injury:

“I have a stage two ankle sprain. It happened at the end of the third quarter, I was blocking on the backside of one of our run plays and Kellen came up when he got tackled and just rolled into me and my ankle just got rolled up by him.”

On if he is playing Saturday:

“I’m not sure about that yet. I am still going through therapy and I am going about three times a day in there to the training room and just trying to do as much as I can to get it back healthy.”

On transition to blocking:

“I have blocked before, but it was never really my main thing, but I came in practice and worked on blocking everyday and stuff. It has become something that is a lot more fun for me. At first, I didn’t think I would like it at all, because you want the ball as much as you can get it, but then you start to realize that it more of a team thing and blocking really does make it more fun when you see the running backs breaking big runs because of your blocks.”

On passing in the offense:

“We don’t pass much, but when we do pass, we want to make sure it goes for big plays, so we always make sure that the few times that we are going to get our number called, we make sure we know what we are doing and that we are going to make the play and every play we are going to show up to make it to where we can set up those types of plays.”

On special teams play:

“You just make sure on special teams you do your part, you hustle, you do your part, you give the most effort you can, and just make sure you are sprinting, that is the main thing we do.”

On special teams being something you grow to love:

“You know it really has this year. In high school, it was not always something you wanted to do, but starting this year, it has really become a highlight of the game for me. It is one play where I know I can just go all out and just try to hit somebody.”