Week #6 FB Press Conference Transcript

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On this week’s opponent South Dakota School of Mines:

“Well, I’ll tell you what, they have a long trip to get here. We looked at the map and they have about 13 hours.  They are a very disciplined football team. They are going to throw the ball around like most people do and they have a good looking quarterback. You can see that they are very well coached. They execute what they are asked to; they do not make a lot of mistakes.  They are playing really hard, got a big win last week, so they are coming off of that, so we are preparing for a team that is going to come in here and give us a heck of a ball game and it’ll come down to the fourth quarter again. That is what we are telling our guys.  Defensively, they run around very well. Special teams are very good, so overall they are a very well coached football team.

On what they do on offense:

“They are going to put it in the gun a bunch. They are pretty multiple, they will have two backs there in the gun, they will move their tight end around a little bit, just like what you are seeing every week. Zone ride, not much option, but throw the ball pretty effectively.”

On nonconference game in middle of season:

“We are facing this as if it were just another MIAA game, another conference game in a sense. We are nobody to take anybody lightly, so we are going to keep our hand to the plow, went to work and had a good day yesterday, concentration was good, intensity was good, focus was there, did not make a lot of mistakes, did not turn the ball over in practice. Those things we are trying to improve on were improved yesterday, plan on maintaining that today and get better, but this is no different than any other conference game.”

On defensive depth chart changes:

“A couple guys are moving up and down, but it is still going to be a rotation with guys that are playing, still Combs will come in and play.

On if that position is earned and the prestige with being a starter:

“No doubt, it is competition every week, if a guy grades out better than you then that guy has earned the right to start. That is really when you get better as a football team. When you are two deep and they are competing for that starting job, iron sharpens iron; those guys make each other better. When you have a good depth chart, that’s really when you get better as a football team when you have guys competing weekly, that’s when you get better.”

On if they will try to incorporate the pass more this week:

“We are just an aerial attack now aren’t we. We just took what was available; you know they just had their safety down at time a little bit too shallow, and it just gave us an opportunity to get the ball behind them, so we are just going to take what they give us and we just got to do a better job of giving those guys a better chance to put the ball in position for us to score. We got to continue to improve in that area to back people off.

On if freshman QB Jay McDowell will play on Saturday:

“I think you will see him some. Kyle’s (Webster, backup quarterback) elbow is still an issue, he cannot fully extend it yet and I am not going to put a guy on the field who can’t protect himself, but he wants to go. He is a tough guy. We just have to find ways to get him on the field and be productive, but I do not see him being ready.”

On penalties the last two games:

“That’s a problem. It is a sign of being undisciplined. We got to improve that and we did yesterday. We talked about it, addressed it, get out there. I understand there have been a lot of changes in our offensive line. There are guys playing, guys coming back. Those are areas as coaches that we got to improve. We have to stress it, focus on it, we got to execute it at practice and it needs to show up on Saturday’s.”

On lack of pressure last Saturday at UCM:

“That was largely due to the fact they have a quarterback who gets rid of the ball and he has done that to everybody this year. I thought we hit him a lot, but it does not show up in the stats because it doesn’t say sacks, but our emphasis is how many times can we make him get off the ground. We want to wear him out so by the fourth quarter, he might be a little arm weary as well. But those are things we concentrate on every week; it is not just one week because we did not get a number. We are trying to force the quarterback, pressure him, hit him, and the sacks come from there as a result of there.”

On Brandon Williams being one sack shy of the school record:

“He’s got to do it. He is going to get every opportunity to do it. He has got to lineup and beat the guy in front of him, but as far as having a special deal for him getting the sack record, it is to beat the blocks against him so we can win the football game and that is what we are concentrated on.”

On many players have families outside of football:

“It is their responsibility. As educators and that is what we are as coaches, it is our job to stress to them the importance of being a good dad and handle your responsibilities and they all seem to be doing that and have the right kind of attitude about that so football is a blessing to be able to play.  A lot of these guess are an inch away from not being able to play because they can’t afford to, so everyday you get to put those cleats on and play one more game is a definite blessing.”

Senior defensive back Devon Dace:

On first quarter interception last week against Central Missouri:

“Coach always talks about sudden change and I noticed that Central Missouri had a lot of momentum on their side, and I lined up against the receiver and I realized that it wasn’t somebody that I had normally seen on film. It was a tight end and when I looked inside, I was playing man, I saw the quarterback make eye contact with him and he gave him a kind of hand signal or something like that, so I kind of figured that the ball was coming my way, so I had to really focus on my technique and fundamentals and he threw the ball, I just came up with a play.”

On if Joplin reminds him of Rhode Island:

“No, not at all. It is completely different up in Rhode Island, our school is basically in the woods. We were about 45 minutes from Providence. We really did not have a city life. It was pretty much the campus and nothing else around us. So when I came down to Joplin and when I saw we had a mall, and a movie theater and laser tag, it was crazy.”

On how he wound up at Missouri Southern:

“That’s an interesting story. Me and Brandon Williams played basketball together since we were in second grade and when I got my release from Rhode Island, I was talking to some different schools and I messaged Brandon and I sent him my highlight tape and he showed Coach Daye and Coach Daye liked it and I started talking to Coach Daye and I really like the type of man that he was and he gave me a scholarship so I came here.”

On if bigger change in city life or football life here in Joplin compared to Rhode Island:

“The city is way different. They support their athletic teams a lot more here than they did in Rhode Island. As far as football, of course it is a change for me. During preseason, I had to get used to the different play calls and I was talking to defensive back Coach Watson and we have different techniques at Rhode Island than here at Southern and it is a totally new defense. So sometimes when I line up during preseason, I still was doing what I did at Rhode Island because I was there for four years. I am finally starting to get into it and know the defense really well.”

On the competition level in the MIAA compared to Division I-AA Rhode Island, member of the CAA conference:

“One thing, the bodies up in the CAA were massive, so that is a big difference. As far as the competition, there really is not that much of a difference. You know the MIAA is the best conference is Division II, so every game you are going to get somebody’s best effort. The speed may be a little different, but other than that there is not much difference at all.”

On which conference is faster:

“When I was up at Rhode Island, we would play teams like Syracuse and teams like that, so that was pretty difficult.”


Sophomore offensive lineman Caleb Benner

On how big of an adjustment the offensive line has been this year compared to last year:

“It’s huge. We lost a bunch of seniors and did not have a lot of returners. We got a bunch of young guys coming in and everybody got hurt at the beginning of the season. We had to get Julian Young, who was a defensive lineman, and then he came in a week before the first game and had to learn the whole offense and then he got injured, we are all dinged up, but we will be alright, we are going to make it.”

On the offensive line being a unit:

“Whenever you think of the offensive line, you think of one big unit, we all got to be together. It’s tough whenever you are shuffling in different guards, trying to get everybody healthy, but now that everybody is healthy and Seth Hackney is coming back, we will have all five starters and we will stay healthy and become that team that we need to be and run that clock down and get first down and win the game.”

On how lack of continuity affects play:

“It’s really tough when you are rotating everybody in and everybody is getting injured, the mesh isn’t really there like in high school we had the same five offensive lineman so you knew you if you were going to make a call, you could trust that one person to come down and get the job done. But if you have somebody new, or like Seth who had not played in a while, you are kind of hesitant to make that call, but practicing together, you can trust that he is going to get the job done.”

On still being ranked in top 20 in rushing offense:

“It’s makes you feel good about yourself that you can successful run the football and take that clock away and get first downs and you can let your defense rest and they do not have to be on the field all game long, whereas if you were in a passing offense and you don’t complete a pass every now and then, you are three and out, you are just wasting time.”

On getting appreciation for hard work put in up front:

“There is nothing better than when you get a running back, quarterback or wide receiver to say that is all on you because you do not get the glory in the paper or in films. It doesn’t say anything about the offensive line and how they did all this, but then when you come back to the huddle, they say it is all on you. You get that feeling that you put it all on your back.”