Week #10 Football Press Conference

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On how things are going after last week and being back in a regular routine:

“We had three goals that we set in here last weekend to have a winning season, and back-to-back winning seasons that haven’t been done in 17 years and honoring Coach Moore with our effort and we accomplished all three of those this past weekend.”

On how familiar you are with Pittsburg State:

“It is not like in week two or three that you start preparing for Pitt. We did not start preparing for them until after the game Saturday night. We have seen them on and off and you catch flashes watching them every now and then, but you better be zeroed in on your opponent that week.”

On what makes Pittsburg State so good:

“I think first of all the tradition that they have. They have kids that believe and expect to win and that has been the process that when we got here, we were not sure if they believed they would win and it was our goal to make them believe and now they are beginning to believe. Now the next phase is to expect to win and we believe we can win, but now you need to expect to win. That is what Pitt does, what Northwest does and they have great support and they have a very strong belief system in consistently winning and that is where we are heading.”

On Pitt State’s wide receiver John Brown’s explosiveness:

“I talked to a couple of scouts who called in today to talk about a couple guys on our team who could possibly be in the league and John Brown’s name came up first. He is a guy who can obviously do a lot of things with the football. He is special as a returner and I believe that is where he is going to be able to hang his hat is on his ability to be a returner. He looks to me to be able to take that next step and he is a dynamite player.”

On what the rivalry means to the new guys:

“I am not sure with our new guys if they really understand what this rivalry means because they have not been over there and seen it, so that will be an eye-opener for all of them, just like it will be for every new coach that we have here. For the guys that have coached here and played here, they understand and we have a different pace that we are walking around with and a different feeling obviously. Everywhere you go someone is going to ask you about it, so it is a big game and it would be a tremendous feat for us to win it.”

On where he ranks this rivalry in all of the ones that he has been a part of during his playing/coaching career:

“In Division II, I am sure it is as good as it is. At every level, it is something a little different, at LSU, it seemed like everybody was a rival, but being so close, guys are always running into other players. During recruiting, I know they use Joplin and it is a great recruiting tool for them as well, but I am sure it is as high as you can get in Division II.”

On getting over the hump to secure a win over Pitt State:

“It is football; I do not think there is any certain mystique or ingredients to get a win. You just need the guys to make the plays that win the game and the guys that don’t, do not win the game. It is pretty simple. We have to be the better football team Saturday to win the game and whoever is going to win it. I do not think it is anything beyond that.”

On handling PSU linebacker Nate Dreiling, who became PSU’s all-time leading tackler last week:

“He is a fine player. We are planning to not block anybody above the waist; all of our blocks will be waist-down. That is how you slow down athletes is you get them on the ground.”

On what this group of seniors has meant to the program:

“Well it is great. For those guys to come to Missouri Southern and leave with back-to-back winning seasons, that obviously has not happened in a long time and happened too many times here and that is something we are trying to change. As far as their effort, in the time that we needed them to step up and be leaders they have done an incredible job. They are ready to go out with a bang on Saturday and they have been great. It looks like 95 percent of them are on line to graduate and that makes you even more proud.”

On containing their running game:

“The best way to stop their offense is to keep them on the bench so that is what we plan to do is shorten the game and get into the fourth quarter and have a chance to win and anything can happen.”