Week Six Audio Transcript

2013 Football Press Conference – Week 6

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On what impressed him most about win over Central Missouri:

“I think the way our guys started. They came out prepared and worked hard all week long. It was a comeback week, they got up off the ground and came out swinging and got off on the right foot and they came out and did what we talked about. We added a lot of things that they prepared for, it was tough on them and they executed them very well. The execution side of it was the impressive side of it.”

On the long road trip to Rapid City, South Dakota to face SD Mines this week:

“It will be the first trip for a lot of these guys, especially to a part of the country that many of us have never been. Shame on me if we just go right to the hotel and they never got to see some of that country, so we are going to see some of the sites. We still have to go play a high-quality football team. They are a team that is 4-1 and a team that came in here last year and gave us a heck of a football game. They are a much improved team from last year. It is going to be a heck of a game. We are going to have to go in there and play our best to come out of there with a win. They are a very fine football team and it is going to be on their home turf with their home officials. It is a challenge for us. It is a 13-hour bus trip, and there might be a little snow on the ground. This is an oddity for a lot of our Southern players on the team.”

On what he sees from South Dakota Mines:

“Offensively, they are a quick snap offense; they want to run as many plays as they can in the game. They are real big screen team and put a lot of pressure on you with their run game. Very similar to what they did last year, they have just gotten better with their personnel. They are probably averaging over 35 points a game (45.0) which is impressive. They balance it up very well. They are in a pistol formation and throwing the ball over the field, spreading you out and making you defend the entire field, it is a challenge.”

On what he sees from Mines’ two quarterbacks, Evan Sanders and Ben Broeker:

“One is a little better thrower while the other is a little better runner, but they both do both well. It would be hard to tell them apart if you took the number off of them. They are tall, 6-2, 6-3 type kids who have big arms and have the ability to make you miss. They have a quality group of wide receivers, several nice backs and their offensive line has some big kids who lay on you and wear you down.”

On point totals decreasing each quarter as the game progresses:

“I think some teams are learning how to play our offense as the game progresses. I think teams are not prepared for our speed at first and then making them play assignment football and I think as the game goes on, they get better at learning how to play us. I think also if you look back, I think most of our penalties have come in the second half as well, starting drives that are putting us in the hole, drive-killers, we just have to get away from the penalties that are causing the drive kills and execute better in the second half.”

On playing non-conference games in the middle of the season:

“It would be much better if we were able to play them first and get them at home, that would be great, but I cannot say I am ready to get on a bus and drive for 13 hours and play a football game in South Dakota, but it is our schedule, that is the way it is set up and nobody is going to have a perfect schedule. In hindsight, if you look at our schedule overall, we get to sleep in our bed on Friday night nine time and we only take two road trips and I will trade that for a 13 hour bus trip anyday. We just got to go play.”

On progress the secondary has made and challenge they have in facing a pass-heavy offense:

“Obviously it was a big concern coming off SBU and we were still having to stay very bland at SBU and again we were having to add things and press our concerns more, bail them and give them opportunities to be more successful and we moved Elijah Swen out there to cornerback and he had an excellent game and Breon Matlock played well too. You basically give them a chance to be more productive when you let them do more, if I can explain it that way and spacing was part of it. We got in cover two and played some man-to-man and played physical at the line of scrimmage.”

On offensive line play this year as they rank third in the country in rushing: 

“Losing Flores was tough for us, because he was such a good player, but it looks like he has a chance to be back in a couple of weeks, but overall their ability to get people on the ground. Like you said we are not the 300 plus pounders, but in this style of offense, you need quicker and more mobile and be able to get people on the ground and the continuity that they have to stick together, they are leaders in the sense themselves. We have put on them to win games and they have done great.”

Senior cornerback Elijah Swen:

On adapting to new defenses last week:

“It was tough because guys were getting moved around and learning new stuff, but as a team we just communicated a little better. We knew it was going to be a tough game going into the game and we could not take them lightly after what happened last year and we felt like we had something to prove, even though we weren’t given a chance to win, we know what we are capable of and had lots of confidence and came out with the win.

On if the defense is just starting to tap into the potential that they have as a defense:

 “Yeah, I would say that because more guys are getting more comfortable with the plays and the coaches. It was kind of tough at first, but we are communicating a lot, on and off the field, we help each other out and things are going more smoothly than at the beginning of the season.”

On keeping the focus going to South Dakota and avoiding distractions:

“We are trying to make it a fun road trip, it is a far drive, and it is going to be tough we know. This team is much better than they were last year and we are looking forward to it. We are going to go up there and do what we have to do, hopefully come out with a win. This trip will give us a chance to bond as a team which will probably be helpful on down the road.”

On facing two different quarterbacks:

We are going to study film and see what they do and based on what quarterback is in the game, whichever one comes in the game we are just going to be more alert and just try to stop what they are doing to on offense.”

On concerns about the weather:

“In the locker room, we have guys talking about going to get warmer gear to stay warm, because guys are not used to it. It is going to be tough, it is not easy, but coming from Minnesota, I know how it is, but even I am afraid of the cold myself. We are just going to get more clothing and stay warm. It is going to be tough, but it is something that we have to do.”