Week #5 Press Conference – October 2, 2013

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On what he takes from the Southwest Baptist loss:

“You know there are a lot of things. Coaching wise, when you see the effort and see them out there, as a coach, it is your responsibility to get them into the right spots to be productive, that is part of the process that is going on. We still have a growing process, like I said each week with our team, being that there is a lot of new introduction to players, the growth process is coming on. You have to give SBU credit; they did what they had to do to win the ballgame and you have to be a man about it. Take your wins when you get them, take your losses and try not to have them happen to many times, but we have to put that behind us and we are in motion and working our tail off for Central Missouri.”

On scoring early in the game and becoming scarcer as the game progresses:

“It has not been so much that the teams have made adjustments at halftime. For the most part, they have stayed with what they have been doing. It is more of a lack of execution in the second half on our part and it takes them a little while to learn what we are doing and they get better at it each quarter. Southwest Baptist, they did not change a thing, they just tightened up their chin straps and played harder. You look at some of the games in which we faded in the second half, the Northeastern game and SBU and you look at some of the penalties that have come and caused us to be backed up in longer yardage in further and whatever situations and that has hurt us too. We got to improve and overcome that and one of the positives that I did not get to say is that there were probably only about 750 people at the game that got to see us get beat, but the other positive was we got to see Jay in live action throwing the football around and our pistol package is out now and everybody sees it on film and sees that we can move the football through the air. We have been wanting to bring it out and do it, but it has never been a position where we felt comfortable to do it, so we got some live work at doing that and some positive things came from that as well.”

On the attitude of the team coming off the loss:

“Very good. I thought their attitude during the game was good. You know it hurt them. We talked about it on Sunday, we are all hurting, we are all bleeding, but we have to hurt and bleed together. We are a team, we have to stay together, that is the important part, there is no finger pointing, no questioning calls, its go to work and get better. The attitude this week has been great, we had an excellent practice yesterday and we are going to have a good one today!”

On what was said as SBU would score 31 unanswered points:

“Try to stop them. You know what with 31 unanswered points, you look at field position was as big a factor in the game with them scoring as well. They had some short fields. They executed an onside kick and got a short field, a very gutsy call, they got it done. I think as big as anything is the process of what is going on with our defense and the fact that we have had to be really bland with what we have been able to do, because of our newcomers that are playing. We have so many new guys that are playing and a new coordinator, it is a building process, it is not just a call any kind of defense and everybody has a lot of suggestions when you lose. If you tell me if they are going to throw the ball before they do or run it before they do, I will have the perfect call for you, but the thing about that is you have to understand where we are as a defense and if you give them too much you are not going to get a lot. It’s a progression, as a coach hopefully we can get them to show improvement each week.”

On securing five sacks on Saturday and how that group has progressed throughout the season:

“They are working well. They have to continue to get pressure and we can’t give up those home runs and that was a killer the other night. We gave up three plays of 50 yards or more and if you take those big plays out, it is a whole different ballgame. It is critical that you have that pressure and play better in the secondary.”

On Central Missouri:

“They are a very well-coached football team. They do a heck of a job. Coach Svoboda does a great job. Defensively, they are very disciplined and they fly around the football. They have lost to Missouri Western and Northwest Missouri, but in those games, they were right there and they were down to the wire. They are an upper level team in our conference no doubt. They are number 11 in the passing in the country which tells you a lot about them. They have a dang good quarterback (Hayden Hawk) another good running back and some impressive wide receivers, probably one of the best that we are going to see all year. We got to try to slow them down.”

On sending a message to the team that this is not a typical 2-2 team they are about to play:

“Our kids see the games on the tape and when you watch them, you see them hanging and banging with Northwest and Western and they know from the past they are a quality football team, but any given weekend, anybody can beat anybody. It is not like we are going out there thinking, oh what are we going to do with these guys. We are going to play our hearts out, that is one thing I know our kids will do and they are going to fight you to the end. They are not going to be embarrassed to be a Missouri Southern Lion.”

On if secondary will especially be challenged this week:

“Absolutely, it is a challenge for all of us. We have to play in concert in all three phases, we have to be better in all areas and we have to cause more turnovers and that is something we are not getting as many as we should. We need to do a better job there to finish ballgames and those are the things we are stressing.”

On what you see from Central Missouri’s quarterback Hayden Hawk:

“He is a heady guy; you see that right off the bat. He knows where to put the football and he is very accurate. He is pretty good with his feet. He will move around and he is a good quarterback. He is not going to beat himself.”

On Chris Barnwell’s progress as he leads the Lions in rushing:

“He has been a nice surprise. Thayer last year was productive and Barnwell going into camp, we were going to feature as one of our running back, but Thayer got an injury and we had to move him in there and try him out and you can see he gets in there and gets those extra yards and it looks like he is down and he gets three more, so he is a tough kid and I’ll tell you what he is committed to the cause. He is a Lion, because at the end of the game, he was encouraging everyone, just begging for one more chance and I felt as if we got that onside kick, we felt like we were going to win the ballgame.”

On if they will run more option attack this week:

“Don’t tell them, but it is something we can do more, it is out. We would of liked to held on to it, and then bring it out as a surprise, but it is something we had to have to give ourselves a chance to win and something you will see every game just depending on the game and what the score is and you feel a little better about doing it and running it now because he had a little success in the game.”


Senior defensive end Paco Varol:

On staying positive after the loss:

“We just have to keep our heads up and like Coach Daye said we just have to take the positives and keep going and worry about the next opponent.”

On watching film and what we need to do to improve the pass rush:          

“I think the stats say we all got a sack there, we still could of got much more pressure, especially on those big plays. It just seemed like he had all the time in the world and that is on the defensive line and we just need to learn from it. I promise you this next ballgame we are going to come out and try to get to the quarterback much faster.”

On how the defense has jelled together despite the loss of Brandon Williams:

“Obviously it is a big loss, but we have the mentality of the next man up, especially our nose Brennan Nora, and everyone is playing to their full potential.”

On when he felt the defense start to lose control of the game:

“I don’t know exactly when the wheels fell off, but it just came down to those big plays and I think they had like three 50 plus yard plays and you just take those away, it is over and if they can do it, it is a credit to them and we did not stop them and we learn from it and we just move on.”

On what needs to be cleaned up this week:

“From a defensive line standpoint, we definitely need to put more pressure on the quarterback, especially in this game. Like coach said, I think they are 11th in the country in passing so we need to put pressure on them and make them uncomfortable throwing.”

On what he sees from UCM’s quarterback Hayden Hawk:

“I feel like if we can put pressure on him and make him move around and contain him and make sure he does not escape the pocket, I feel like we got a chance. “

On how he sees the progress of the defense coming along as the season progresses:

“I definitely feel like our defensive coordinator, Wally Acke, I know him, I have been with him at Liberty and he was a coach there, so I know everything about him and Coach Acke is just an old-school, tough coach and I feel like some guys may have had problems, but I feel like now we are coming together as a defense and I feel like we do what we are coached to do, I feel like we can beat anybody in the conference. We just have to do what we are coached to do, be where we are supposed to be and just go from there. “