Week #4 Football Press Conference – September 25, 2013

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On if that was the most complete game that Missouri Southern has played since he has been here:

“Yeah, I would have to say it was. It was something we had talked about prior to the game. You know the first game the offense came out and did very well and the defense struggled. Second game, defense did very well and offense struggled and we talked about playing in concert and having all three phases play well. Special teams has kind of been hot and cold the past couple of games, so to have all three play in concert and play well usually results in winning.”

On seeing the team grow together each week:

“You see the guys growing each week, the team jelling together. Obviously winning sweeps a lot of mistakes under the door, but I can see them growing and getting better. The confidence level is rising, but again we are focused on the job at hand and take it one game at a time. We were in this same position last year, 3-0 and facing the same team. You have to pay attention to the moment. You know last year that was the first time a lot of them had been in that situation. It was the first time they had been 3-0 and they learned to deal with it, so a lot of the guys that are returning, they have a better focus. We are trying to get it installed to our new guys and get them to understand, we are riding high and feeling good, but we got to put our work in today and in this conference anybody can beat you on any given week, so you have to pay attention to the moment.”

On going 4-0 for the first time since 2002:

“It is one more step closer that we are trying to get. You can’t be 4-0 until you are 3-0 and 2-0, but also keep in mind that we have to go out there and play a football game. You also have to keep it in mind that we have to go out there and play a football game and a lot of things can happen. They are going to go out there and play their hearts out and we are going to play our hearts out and we have to go out there and execute and play in concert and execute and do the things we have to do to win the football game. Our focus right now is not 3-0, 4-0, 5-0; our focus is SBU and only SBU right now.”

On what he sees out of SBU:

“You know last year not many people gave us a chance against Missouri Western, one of the top-ranked teams in the country, and we were able to pull that win out. It was a huge win for us, so we need to learn our own self and they a football team with a good quarterback who is athletic and can move around well. They have good wide receivers, a couple of hard-nosed running backs. They are trying to find a foot-hold for themselves, but they are very capable of putting points on the board and making it a very good game, so we have to address that defensively. They defended us well last year, same style of offense. They have a very high-quality linebacker who can make a lot of things happen. They are strong up front and have decent cover guys, so we have to do what we do, but we by no means are looking at the records of 0-3 and 3-0.”

On importance of keeping focus on the road:

“Extremely and the nice thing about it is it not too far down the road so we will be able to leave on game day and sleep in our own beds on Friday night. I think it just shows the signs of a mature team. Teams that can stay focus on the road; those are the teams that are going to have winning seasons. It is a new challenge each week for us because we do have so many new guys and new coaches and everybody is growing together each week. To play well we definitely have to focus each week and get our preparation done and maintain our focus each week that is the drum we are beating on.”


Senior running back JJ Jones         

 On being a part of breaking the team rushing record that stood for over 40 years:

“It was a great feeling. Each day we come out and prepare and expect good results on Saturday so it was nothing that was unexpected, but it is a great feeling though.”

On how the offense has developed with the option attack and how Jay is reading the defense:

“Each week we reflect on our mistakes and make the necessary corrections and then we try to perfect our games each week to get better and better and Jay does a great job so each day as a unit we are getting better.”

On what mistakes they have made so far:

 “Mostly little things, maybe something will need to be faster or slower or certain things need tweaking, just little minute mistakes, nothing major.”

On adjustments made this year preparing for SBU as compared to last year:

“Last year, we were 3-0 and 0-3 going into playing SBU and we overlooked them and we learned a lot that you never overlook anybody and that on any given Saturday, I feel like any team in this conference can get a win, so you can’t overlook anybody.”

On what he is seeing from their defensive line:

“Like I said there is nobody in this conference that you can overlook, they have great linebackers, great secondary, and a great line, so when we line up may the best man win.”

On what worked offensively last week to gain so many yards:

“It was the team as a unit, the offense and the defense did well and that comes from the hard work in practice and everybody comes out every day and tries to be better than they were the day before and it just clicks on Saturday when you put in the work.”  

 On having so many talented running backs and the confidence you have in every back on the team:

“I have great confidence in our running backs. If anybody goes down or someone is tired and needs a breather, there is always someone who can come in and play just as well at running back. So I have a lot of confidence in them and I get just as excited to watch them as I do to play myself.”

On what impresses him most about sophomore running back Giresse Forchu:

“That sucker is big. Same thing that impresses you or anybody else. He is a big guy, strong guy; he can cut well and runs through tackles and I love watching him.

On how watching Forchu has changed his running style:

“It hasn’t really changed it much. We all have our own style and way of doing things, but that is what makes our offense unique as well. Everyone has their own style and we bond and just click.”

On if there is added pressure to produce knowing you have many capable replacements:

“Not really, because we know if someone is not having a great game, someone else is going to step up, so that is another thing to be excited about.”


Junior linebacker Dalvin Taylor          

On what has been the message this week going into SBU after facing similar circumstances last year:

“Well the message this week is we just hungry, ready to go get this win, last year we were in this same predicament, but this week, we just ready to change things around.”

On possibly jumping into the top 25 in the national poll with a win at SBU:

“I mean it is good to be in the top 25, but we are just taking it one game at a time, we are just trying to get this win.”

On seeing the team come together:

    “There are a bunch of new guys, including myself, that are junior college transfers so the first game we had to adjust to a whole new plan and by the third game we bought in and we looking for things to change around here on the defensive side.”

On getting things down defensively better as the season goes along:

“The coaches slowed things down, because they knew we were a new group and we continue to watch film and continue to practice hard and do the little things so that we can make the big plays.”

On what they need to do to improve the defense:

“We need to work on staying in our gaps, communication, little things because we can all make plays from the defensive line to the linebackers to the secondary.”

On what he sees from the SBU offense and their mobile quarterback:

“That is the first thing that we need to stop because he likes to run around and they have a running back that can make big plays too and they have a couple nice receivers, so really we just have to be good in all forms.”

On looking back at last year’s lose:

“Coach Daye made it very clear that we 3-0, but we can be 3-1 easily, so we just have to go into this game and we can’t go into this game like they are a weaker opponent and they are just as good as us and we just have to play our hardest and just get to 4-0.”