The Missouri Southern Department of Intercollegate Athletics welcomes inquiries from prospective student-athletes. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is committed to complying with NCAA recruiting rules. If you are interest in Missouri Southern to further your academic and athletic careers, please keep the following rules in mind during the recruitment process:

In Division II sports other than football, telephone calls to a prospect or prospect's relatives or legal guardian(s) cannot be made prior to July 1 following the junior year of high school. In the sport of football, telephone calls to a prospect's relatives or legal guardian(s) cannot be made prior to August 15 following the junior year of high school. In both Division I and II, institutions may not provide recruiting materials to a prospect until September 1 at the beginning of the prospect's junior year of high school. Only NCAA educational materials, camp brochures, and questionnaires may be sent to a prospect prior to the September 1 date. If you are a high school junior or senior, don't forget to register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. You must be certified by the Clearinghouse in order to participate in athletics as a freshman at the NCAA Division I or II level. See your guidance counselor for more information, or call the NCAA Eligibility Hotline at (800) 638-3731.

If you are a transfer from a four-year college, Missouri Southern must have written permission from your current or previous school in order to contact you about your tranfer options.

For more information about NCAA rules regarding recruiting or eligibility, contact the NCAA or contact the Missouri Southern Compliance Office at (417) 625-9712.

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