Week Seven Audio Transcript

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On the recent upswing of Missouri Western football:

“You know it is interesting, because when I first got here, Missouri Western was a very good team, but they were still kind of in the middle of the pack, but now they have emerged to be one of the top teams in the MIAA. It is a credit to how far they have developed the program. They are a team that takes care of the football. They have a very good quarterback (Travis Partridge) who understands the offense and he is a good leader as well. They have a big, physical offensive line, good running backs and wideouts and usually means for good production when you have a good quarterback. Defensively, they replaced a lot of people from last year, but they play very aggressive football and they are very good upfront.”

On the loss of running back Michael Hill, but having a nice replacement in Raphael Spencer:

“They keep replacing them and that is a sign of a good program. He is a kid who has very good vision and is very tough between the tackles, so he is a guy you have to stay on your feet and wrap up to bring down.”

On having the 1993 MIAA Championship here this weekend:

“We would like nothing more than to honor them this weekend by winning the football game. Credit to what they achieved here before and we are very happy they are back around and get a chance to meet them all.”

On if he can see on film that Missouri Western is a higher level football team than some of the other teams they have played this year:

“Most definitely, they have played Central Missouri as well and it was a tight outcome and in a sense that tells me we are more evenly matched than some people might believe. It is all about execution and coming out and taking care of the football, but no doubt when you come out and see the size factor is different, the speed factor is different and they are a top-notch Division II program and if you can beat these guys, you can beat anybody in the country.”

On if Southern still has the everything to gain, nothing to lose mentality to this game after taking that approach last year:

“Absolutely, I think that is the key to helping us win this ballgame is us being aggressive, us taking chances, being unafraid to do things they expect us to do.”

On how the passing game has progressed this year:

“It is as much as defenses are trying to defend us as anything. The lower you sit your safeties, last year they weren’t as worried about that as much, a lot of people would lock pure man and put nine in the box, but this year, Jay has improved every week and our passing game has improved every week. The question now is can we make them respect the fact that we can put the ball behind them and we will see how they play it. We have a lot of confidence in being able to throw the football now.”

On the progress of the defense and how they are improving:

“You hear me talk about it week by week, but with so many new players and new names rotating in and new coaches, new coordinator, that is a process and the process is continuing to get better.  That is what we are trying to do and get better and keep on repping our fundamentals at practice and continue to get better every week.”

Sophomore quarterback Jay McDowell:

On how much he has progressed this year as first year as a starter:

“I have gotten a lot more comfortable as we have gone along this season. Obviously it shows being 5-1. My offensive coordinator has done a great job at calling plays and just taking what the defense gives us.”

On what they need to improve on as a whole on offense:

“I would say executing in the second half. We need to finish ballgames. We cannot put our defense in pressure situations like that and we just got to finish.”

On building chemistry with receivers:

“If the defense wants to stack the box, we will try to go up top and basically take what they give us. If they want to stop the run, we can open up and throw on them.”

On putting on a good showing at home against #4 ranked Missouri Western:

“We all know they are a top team in the conference and in the nation and to go out and beat them would definitely be a big win for our program. We are honoring our 1993 team and I think that beating them would be a great thing for them.”

On if he can see on film that Western is a better team than what they have faced so far this year:

“Oh yes, of course! They rally to the ball on defense and they are a sound team and a very well coached football team, we just have to be ready!”

On if added excitement to face the fourth-ranked team in the country:

“Yes, definitely. I always want to knock off the top dog. We are going to approach it like it is a championship game. We are going to go out and give them our best punches and may the best man win.”

 Junior cornerback Breon Matlock:

On what makes their offense so tough to defend:

“Like Coach said, they have a great offense. He is a really good athlete and he runs the ball really well, but they can also air it out and throw it a little bit to. They are just a good offense all around.”

On how much easier things on defense are getting after six games:

“It is getting better every week. You can tell we are building chemistry with one another as we are used to playing with one another and we are just coming together as a whole.”

On what it means as to have the 1993 MIAA Championship team here this weekend:

 “It is big and for them to come back and get honored like that. It would mean a lot to us if we could go out and get a victory, it would mean a whole lot.”

On playing Missouri Western at home:

“We love playing at home and our friends and family are going to be here and we love the atmosphere.”

On if he senses the excitement this week for the #4 ranked Missouri Western:

“Yes, tremendously! It is a big game, we know they are a ranked program and a good program, still on the uprise. We feel it and we should be prepared for it.”

On if he feels like they have everything to gain, nothing to lose mentality:

 “Yes, we feel we get overlooked often, but we are trying to open a lot of eyes.”